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101 Chin Chai Meals

Yet another quick post: the Observer Food Monthly has come up with a fantastic list of easy, 10 minute summer meals. Those 10 minutes don’t include cooking time for pasta, rice, etc, and a lot of the recipes require good fresh produce, some of which are probably expensive to buy in Singapore, but there are still many recipes which should be cheap and easy to reproduce within half an hour.

Some faves: prawns in beer, baked mustard mackerel, and ‘almost merguez’ (lamb burgers). I think I’m going to start working my way down the list this week!


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A quick gripe: you would think that accuracy would be essential for a cookbook, but while surfing around Nigella’s site I came across the ‘Changes’ page buried somewhere, which lists some 20-odd mistakes in her various books. Some of them are guaranteed to ruin your creations: 3 tablespoons of yeast instead of 3 teaspoons for a pizza recipe, using half of a fruit mixture for a cake instead of the whole thing, 50g golden syrup instead of 150g syrup.

I really can’t understand how she didn’t doublecheck her recipes, and how the printing process can be so loose that so many mistakes could be introduced along the way. What’s worse is that Nigella also gave some half-baked advice about sterilising jars in microwaves and using clingfilm to line pans, and the site now retracts such statements because “it can be hazardous”. No shit sherlock.

Just goes to show that you can’t put all your trust in what cookbooks sometimes tell you, domestic goddess or not!

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