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couscous closeup

This is one of my all-time favourite party dishes for potlucks; it’s tasty, light, and suitable for vegetarians/vegans. It’s also good for a quick and easy dinner after work, as it takes only about 20 minutes to prepare and assemble.

I love everything about halloumi – how it’s buttery, tasty, and mysteriously unable to melt when you apply direct heat to it. ┬áSadly, halloumi has disappeared from supermarket shelves in Singapore recently. I used to be able to get it (Lemnos brand) from Carrefour and some Cold Storage outlets. In desperation, I recently bought frozen paneer from Mustafa, and it was a surprisingly good and cheaper substitute – it only cost me $3 compared to the $7 I used to shell out for halloumi. The only ┬áthing is that you need to salt it generously while grilling it (halloumi usually comes salty, I believe).

This salad is even better when it’s been sat in the fridge overnight and all the flavours has infused into all the ingredients. So don’t be afraid to make extra and take it to work for lunch the next day – it’s good warmed up after a quick high-power minute in a microwave, or chilled too!

Aaaaand here’s the recipe:



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