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tom yum yaki udon

This is a typical post-hangover dish that I like to make for myself – hearty, easy to whip up, and spicy enough to wake me up from my alcohol-induced stupor. As with most fried rice/noodle dishes, it’s a great way to use up leftover food or random stuff you can find in your refrigerator. In this case, I used leftover sliced pork belly from my salad that I made a few days ago and it went beautifully with the noodles.

I like yaki udon, not only because of thick springy texture of the noodles but also because you can keep the shrink-wrapped squares of noodles for months and they never seem to go bad (have you ever seen expiry dates on udon packets?).

So here’s the lowdown:



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pork belly and spinach salad

More than Justin Timberlake’s dancing, more than 30 Rock, I love roasted pork belly. There’s nothing more amazing then biting into a hefty chunk of belly, with the fat melting in your mouth and the meat exploding with flavour. Done right, it can be beautifully sinfully delicious.

“Sinful” is the operative word here. So I thought I could “healthy” things up a bit by having it as a salad (although with the amount of fat intact and the oil-rich dressing, it may not quite be the best thing to eat when you’re on a diet). It’s easy to make and quite fuss free; just marinate, roast, then slice it up and toss with the salad.

sliced pork belly pork belly closeup

Porkgasmically delicious. Check out the layers of fat!

And here’s the recipe:


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