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…aaand I’m back. Can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I’ve posted something here! Since then I’ve moved into a new place with a kickass kitchen, and I’ve been cooking more than ever. Here’s hoping I find the time to post more of my recipes here.

This is a stew I came up with today, by combining leftover ingredients in my fridge. It’s adapted from various pork stew recipes I researched, and it’s a nod towards traditional Irish stews that use beer. The Hoegaarden really adds a lot of complexity to the flavour: sweet, slightly malty, and faint fruit accents.

The stew is perfect when it’s a cold and rainy day and you just want something tasty and hearty. The best part is that it’s really simple to make too! Feel free to make a huge pot of it and freeze individual portions, so when you come home after work and can’t be arsed to cook, you can just quickly defrost it in the microwave and eat it with some rice or a lovely crusty baguette.



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