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Orange Cranberry Muffins

orange cranberry muffins
Coolin’ on the rack.

I first had an orange cranberry muffin at Cedele, an awesome bakery chain in Singapore. Light, zesty and fragrant, with bursts of berry tastiness, it blew my mind as I ate it at my desk (accompanied with Gryphon’s lemon tea, it was a truly transcendental food experience and a better perk-me-up than a double espresso).

Off I went, hunting for an approximate recipe, and in the end I settled for Nigella’s, substituting the almonds for the cranberries and caster for brown sugar (I like the earthier taste). I also used store-bought orange juice from a packet instead of freshly squeezed OJ, to save time. They turned out light, fluffy – divine. This is a great breakfast treat which you can make ahead of a busy week, you can store them in the fridge in an airtight container and they last for up to a week.

Berry love.

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 nutella and banana pancake

‘NanaNutella pancake love.

Been a while since I’ve posted so I’ve decided to go for a double whammy today. First up, nutella and banana pancakes which I made just a few hours ago for a tasty Sunday morning breakfast 🙂

For this I googled around for a quick pancake recipe. I read about Mark Bittman’s (he of NYT’s Bitten blog fame) 1-1-1 pancake recipe on some sites, and I found a rough approximation of it here. I love how simple it is – the 1-1-1 stands for the ratio for flour, milk and eggs. But, as I’ve found out in life, you can always chinchai things a little more.

The best thing about pancakes is how customisable they are. You can make them savoury with a bit of cheese and ham, or sweet with raspberries, or rich with some ricotta or cottage cheese. You can play around with their texture as well: I love thin crepe-like pancakes, with bananas, the kind you find everywhere at backpacking spots in Southeast Asia. Add a bit more milk and you get runnier batter which make great light yet chewy pancakes.

basic pancakes

Pancake love. I made a few plain ones to go with jam and honey as well.

Recipe after the jump!


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